Kled Gameplay Feedback Thread

Hello to all my hard fightin’, lizard ridin’ friends! Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier, is playable on PBE (we’re all learning new words today.) Hope you’re all excited to try him out and offer feedback! Some feedback outlines I’m stealing from Zenon’s Taliyah thread: Reporting problems you notice and feelings you have will be more useful to us than suggesting changes. Solutions come after we agree on a problem! Bad feedback: • Kled’s R should be able to target enemies. • Here’s the only Kled build that works: <itemz> Good feedback: • My ult always ends up with me getting killed or going to nowhere. • I don’t feel like I can ever try and remount in teamfights. Two things in particular I’d like to hear about: • Kled’s Passive, playing as and against. How often do you manage to remount? Does it save your life? When you’re playing against, are you aware of how close Kled is to remounting? • Ult stuff: What kinds of ways do you use Chaaaaaaaaaarge!!!? How often do you use it solo vs. with your team? Can you get to the targets you want to hurt? Note that this is the design feedback thread - if you have bugs, please go to the Bug Thread here: [Kled Bug Thread](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/fvJJp5EA-kled-bug-thread) Also helpful: links to streams/vods of Kled games. Happy hunting!
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