Current feelings about League of Legends with Patch on Live-Server

Firstly, I have a really bad english :) secondly, i've just played with patch 5.22 and i don't know if there is actually a big change already on PBE. I play since 2012 and i had a lot of fun with this game. I kept playing even when i sometimes disagreed with riot about new things ingame. after a few games i accept them. but at the moment there were 2 things who are bad. 1. The ADC OPness(<--- not Opeñis) i am main support and i agree with riot, that this season the bot lane was not that important, because ADC's coudn't fight a fed toplaner(or even a normal not-underlevled toplaner). but why was it necessary to rework so many of them. ofc for quinn it was necessary. but mf, graves, corki, cait or kog were strong once. why was it not possible to just buff them and release the new tank-destroyer items? "oh, and if we buff these adcs, so let us buff all the others too!" it actually look like riot acted like this... next time, try to do this step by step... it's not funny to figth against a 4 adc team, especially when they have new items and masteries so it is not possible to fight them with full armor build. i whish you good luck in balance this back in a normal way... 2. the tank problem. this is a strange problem. a few days ago i had a game. a ARAM and we were 3 APCs and 2 ADSs. we got many kills early but the won mid and lategame so easily. now the strange thing: they had just dmg items on 1 champ. the rest had a full health, mr and armor build. this 1 champ was not fed. we focused him but we had no change. we were like "okay, its aram. this happens." but today i had the 3rd or 4th game against a tank team which i lost. we even had a fed quinn and a "good" cait, but a zero-dmg-item-thamkench carryed them. so actually tanks and adcs got buffed this season and this preseason...but why did no one nerf some champs? :D buff others to make them equal broken? this is a dota tactic and the ame actually feels a bit like dota 2. with the new map and this changes... and i don't like the dota feeling, thats why i paly LoL :) so please go back to your roots riot and make all this 27 million players a day happy. thank you for reading these. and pls write in the comments if you think the same or completly disagree with me :) i will post this also in the normal forum, 'cause i don't know if this is the right place to do this :D

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