Fiora [More %max health true damage in the game?}

FIORA REWORK; What's with your constant need for adding true damage to the game? You're literally turning every single tank in this game irrelevant, We can't tank because of vaines already, so why not add another stupidly overpowered champion in which her kit involves two true-damage dealing abilities, and one of them percentage MAX health no less, which you also thought "Hey, let's add Janna's ulti to the end of all four marks while we're at it". Great logic, this is game development in the making! Just take every single defense item out of the store and give true damage to everyone, let's just build health instead. Have you no priorities? You're fixing a champion that quite frankly didn't need an insane kit rework/buff when Taric still has THE PYRAMIDS OF GIZA FOR FEET. "Oh but her passive is hard to hit" Yes, it's very hard to walk around champions when your passive gives you both heal and movement speed all in one go, also when the dash prioritizes the weakspot. It's like you don't even make an effort to pretend you're balancing the game anymore. "Twitches passive is too OP, if he hits someone more than 352334 times he can stack up 48 true damage per second for a few seconds, wow man, that'd kill like, everyone, but vaine? Let's just give her max health true damage, chogath? Just have it scale with AP, any ratio is good, it doesn't matter, it's not OP, Darius, darius... Give him an insane bleed and when it's fully stacked he can just dunk five players with true damage like they were pinballs. What? Fiora you ask? Never thought of that, just put true damage on her passive, and her ulti while we're at it. Also have her heal and gain movement speed in her passive, remember our motto; true damage is where it's at!" I think this is all a big joke, these are my two cents, spend them where you want, You're literally killing the role of tank in this game, where building armor and health is completely irrelevant when you have vaine and/or Fiora in the game. "You're a six warmog sion? You die! Oh you replaced three of them with thorn mails? What does it matter since you lose % max health true damage lol, get gut scrub." TL;DR: More true damage on %max health, really? On TWO skills? Janna's ulti if you proc them all. Taric still has pizza feet while this abomination is making it's way into league of legends.
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