Bug: Ryze Passive/Ult Duration Incorrect

So on the updated PBE the duration of both Ryze's new passive and his ult were decreased from 6 seconds to 4 seconds. the problem is they both aren't 4 seconds. i am not sure which is less or which is more then 4 seconds but they run at different rates and it seems to be as much as a whole second. this is a problem as when playing Ryze in live i get 4 stacks on passive and then Ult to trigger my passive when going offensively this would mean that both my ult and passive start and end at the same time making it easy to know when they end as your visual effect ends. but currently in PBE his passive is almost a second shorter then his ult. i even activated ult to get 4th stack and waited a second to and used q to trigger passive and the passive still ended quicker. (less then before but still) i am fairly certain this is a bug and annoying one as i will think my passive is still going but its not and its making it hard to judge how the changes feel on Ryze.
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