Atlantean Syndra opinions on appearance

Syndra's original skin had a lot of darker colors but the bright vibrant purple really gave her a cool look.... her first skin is obviously very bright and vibrant but this skin just feels too monotone and dark... the colors of the spell effects is awesome... but some of her spell effects like her e and r are very light compared to her, and I feel like she could really be lightened up atm I think I will buy this skin for the spell effects and stare at them... and that syndra herself won't be very noticeable in this skin also this is mostly a sidenote but syndra in this skin just doesn't give off that extremely powerful (and imo sexy) vibe that she does in her regular skins.... she is just like a water mage..... it doesn't have that extreme power feel that her other skins have.... and I feel like that is part of her thematic appeal. idk if that appears to anyone else her spells look awesome, but she herself is very underwhelming currently in this skin what does everyone else think?
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