About the number of type of element dragons on a single game.

Well, I like the idea of the different buffs dragons give you over the game, what i dont like is the ramdomness of the types, you can have a game with only 2 types, allowing you to get at least a third stack of someone of them, and others that you have the 4 types, allowing you only one stack of each one almost, due to this, i have some suggestions: The first one, make that every game spawns only 2 types of those dragons, and reduce their spwn timer to make the teams be able to have the chance to get 3 stacks from every type, so a team can get 3 stacks of one and the other team 3 stacks of the other, or a single team gets 6 stacks, 3 of each, or the contest for them getting 1 of one and 2 of the other, and such, before the elder. The second one, make elemental dragons spawn between elders, so, after min 35, the first dragon si an elder, the next one an elemental dragon, the next one another elder, and such, that way both teams can keep stacking elemental dragon buffs and not be punished very hard just because they couldnt get drgaons prior the elder.
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