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Hi! We all know that monster fish: {{champion:105}} He is pretty strong and Riot should really nerf him and I'll explain you why: **1)** He has one spell that can do everything. His 'E' makes him untargetable, escaping (jumping over walls), high damage, high slow... and at rank 5, the cooldown is 8s! Imagine that every 8s (lvl 9) he becomes untargetable! And most people build a minimum of cooldown reduction, so with 45%, his 'E' has a cooldown of 4s. That makes no sence to me... How can you play a game when your opponent is so untouchable and can kill you in 2s? He definitively doesn't bring anything to the game, he's unfair. **2)** Well, after his 'E', let's talk about his shark ('R'). Ahri used to have a 20% damage augmentation on her charm, And she received a nerf because when you took a charm, you were just dead. But why did they had that 20% to fizz? You are unable to flash or anything while in shark mouth, so you simply die without having possibility to cast anything... (let's add that you are highly slow before...) I could add some details but this post is already too long^^ This is where I'll propose some changes: **'E':** - cooldown up (16/14/12/10/8) ->(20/18/16/14/12) fizz should have to think a lot before using this powerfull ability **'R': ** - slow reduced (50/60/70)->(40/50/60) that slow gives no chance to the target to escape, the slow is still strong, but you can move at least^^ - reduction of bonus damage: 20% damage or reduction to 5% 20% is extreme, but 5% could be good, suppression That would make fizz a powerfull assassin, still mobile (a, e, slow from r), but who gives a chance to his opponent to react. What do you think?
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