[6.22 Alistar changes] Context and feedback thread

Hey everyone! I'm here to give more context on the upcoming Alistar changes that landed on PBE today. Please let me know if you have any questions and/or feedback! Our goal here is to address a few outdated aspects of Alistar's kit. He has a really strong presence in a "cast-everything-at-once" moment... followed by substantial downtime. In other words he gets to feel really cool for a split second and then very lacking when he has nothing else to do. We want to add more cool things for him to do (and for us to use as balance levers) than just W+Q. Anyhow, here are the current changes: * **[NEW]** Triumphant Roar [Passive] * Alistar gets a Triumph stack whenever he applies hard cc to enemy champions or when nearby enemy units die. At 7 stacks he heals himself and the closest ally for double the amount (3s cooldown - can't get stacks while Triumphant Roar is on cooldown) * Alistar gets full stacks if the nearby enemy that dies is a champion or an epic monster * **[NEW]** Trample [E] * Alistar tramples for 5s, dealing AoE damage around him. Every time a damage wave hits at least one enemy champion Alistar gets one Trample stack. At 5 Trample stacks Alistar's next basic attack against an enemy champion is empowered, dealing additional magic damage and a stun. * Other balance changes * Pulverize (Q) no longer stuns the targets when they land for 0.5s * Unbreakable Will (R) no longer gives 60/75/90 AD while active There might still be some tuning here and there (I do want to take another look at the R) and I would love to answer any questions you might have. Happy hunting!
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