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So yeah, the particles are missing, but the item is working from what I've played (the particles could help me notice how does it work on Sona's Q, exactly) and this post is meant to discuss not how it works in particular but what function does it serve. > **Item 3285** * Recipe: Needlessly Large Rod {{item:1058}} + Aether Wisp {{item:3113}} + 650g (total csot: 3100g) * +120 AP, +7% movement speed * Unique: Gain charges upon moving or spellcasting. At 100 charges, your next spell hit expends the charges to deal 100 (+15% AP) magic damage to up to 4 targets. Replacement for DFG as the third 120 AP item. Useful for roaming, waveclear and adding some extra burst element. Well, we know what the item does, but here's some problems with it. #It lacks originality It's straight out a copy of Statikk Shiv with "attacks" replaced with "spells". Never before has the game copied one item and made another version of it. The mechanics behind Zhonya's Hourglass and Quicksilver Sash are fundamentally distinct, BotRK and Liandry's Torment, despite both having % current health damage, function in a very different way; for "basic waveclear", Hydra and Hurricane were made into two entirely separate forms of AA enhancement. #It rewards mobility more than granting it There's this sad, forgotten group of mages left crying in the corner, forgotten in competitive meta for years. They're the Midrange Immobile Mid Lane Mages. {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:143}} These champions have a very decent winrate in solo queue, some well above 50%. Have you ever seen any of them in the LCS in the middle lane? Nope. They are way too immobile, way too counterable, and overall do not fit the competitve meta. They never did and quite possibly never will. Hell, if Cassiopeia didn't get overbuffed, she would still sit in that category. Long-ranged mages like Ziggs and Xerath had/have their moment due to their extremely long range and safe farming. Now, does Item 3285 help any of these underplayed champions jump into competitive play? Nope. Yeah, it grants some movement speed, but the passive procs depend on moving around the battlefield, and guess who's gonna do that: the likes of Ahri, Fizz and LeBlanc. The mobility creep at its finest. #It gives waveclear to a class that doesn't need it Toplaners are often 1v1 fighters tasked with management of the whole lane on their own. Stuff like Sunfire Cape and Tiamat helps them out step outside their kit and push the waves. Midlaners, however, are way more flexible and can roam the whole map to create picks or skirmishes. The ones that do not have waveclear are balanced around that fact. And most mages do. Mages are probably the class with highest AoE damage that can be used to kill minions, and if any class should be left without any items to give them artificial AoE, it's them. Kassadin and LeBlanc not having waveclear is a good thing. It allows to keep them in check. They are not supposed to be able to clear minion waves without expending their Riftwalk/Distortion. #It does not solve the CDR problem Everyone and their mother rushes Morellonomicon for easy, cheap 20% CDR. It's this or Grail, and the MR on Grail is so miniscule that the choice is just as boring as with Statikk Shiv vs Phantom Dancer. DFG used to allow, if for only one subclass of mages, to go for a different route and gain CDR without the mana regen bundle. With stuff like Twin Shadows being underwhelming, the itemization in the midlane is very much stale. #It's probably gonna end up unhealthy in the hands of poking champions Deathcap vs 3285 rush * Both items grant 120 AP * Deathcap also increases your total AP by 30%. This is identical to increasing your AP ratios on spells by 30%. * 3285 gives you a 100 + 15% AP burst component * The equation that describes the difference in damage gained from these two items is as follows: * Let T be your total AP, minus the Deathcap multiplier * Let R be the AP ratio on a spell/spell rotation that you're performing * Your spells normally deal damage equal to base damage + T x R * The damage gained from Deathcap is equal to T x R x 0.3 * The damage gained from 3285 is equal to 100 + T x 0.15 [Here's a small table that shows the comparison](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12aMA1ZF-A33lelLMvaEJqEyMxlThdJ5IejSuPHbWyxY/edit?usp=sharing). Since there are two variables at play, there is no definite statement on when is one better than the other, but: * Rushed after Morellonomicon, so about 200-250 AP in total (before Deathcap boost!), Item 3285 grants higher damage output than Deathcap if the sum of AP ratios is below 200%. * This is true for all singular spells, two-spell combos and most three spell combos * The only way to go beyond 200% AP ratio is to hit a ful combo. * When going towards 400-600 AP, the balance point is moving towards 120-150% AP ratio. * This is more than most two-spell combos, but three-spell combos will be stronger on Deathcap above that number. Conclusion: Item 3285 is stronger than Deathcap for single or two-spell poke. Do I want Nidalee with a stronger poke that will also hit my nearby teammates? HELL NO. #It creates more problems than it solves More power in the hands of poking, mobilie champions, and waveclear to those who were not supposed to have it - I'm not sure if I like this item at all. --- Hopefully I'm wrong, but some of the points I've made seem troubling.
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