Is it me or is Shadow Assassin Kayn abit disappointing? While Rhaast is near perfect?

Something i don't get is why Shadow Assassin has no stealth mechanics with him while he has that name and why his q is unchanged? SA's q feels like it should have an additional effect tied to it like rhaast's q. and it feels like SA is missing something else? maybe stealth on his e plus 1-2 flat seconds longer duration in combat? ( just one idea i had ) and maybe some other effect on his ult? ( increased range is nice and resettin the darkin scythe is great but its missing something else ) I don't want to complain too much but i find it strange how rhaast feels superior in almost every way to shadow assassin. it just feels like too much attention and detail was put into rhaast design which led to neglect for shadow assassin.
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