resolve runes are horrible

grasp is a shitty keystone and relatively its even worse now. 5 hp is pathetic, you're not going to proc it often enough to see reasonable gains demolish is so so but its basically a dark harvest for tanks that doesn't reset and doesn't work on champs. font of life is broken with high atk speed allies but awful otherwise. why are there two runes that give me the same bonus but for armor or MR when I could have both just for waiting ten minutes? this one is the worst and should be changed asap bottom tree's miserable too, tons of CS to be near to get the %HP gain to be meaningful, 4% missing HP over ten seconds, 5% healing boost when most potent self healing champions (juggernauts, Vlad, Swain) would still get more value out of ravenous hunter or triumph. resolves best runes are support runes, not tank ones. two of the keystones are damage and not durability? everything else in the tree is just a "safe" choice when the other 4 trees all have crazy bonuses and extremely high snowballing potential built in. very disappointing
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