**I have an idea for Taliyah's ult.** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **The skill is a channel ability.** She summons a circle of columns around her, like Janna, any enemies around her would be pushed back, and another layer of column would slam onto them as they hit the rock wall, stunning them and doing damage. **How it works: ** She **encloses herself in a rock tomb like Lissandra **so she doesn't take damage while channeling. The enemies are pushed back with sand that appear from the ground sloping downward The enemies can still move but they** cannot use dashes, or flashes**._**(she makes all enemies in the area have stone legs weighing them down because rocks pull them down... (this is why they cannot flash or dash))**_ Since the column of rocks **is not a full circle**, her enemies could dodge them. But the columns are wide and hard to not collide with. Good idea?** (Feedback appreciated!)**
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