This new rageblade change is poorly designed

So with the new Rageblade you need a Recurve Bow. But combining it will make you lose the 25% Attack Speed that will only come back with around 3 stacks (8% per level). With the maximum of 6 stacks you have 48% Attack Speed. Wouldnt it be a better solution to give rageblade those 25% from the beginning + 4% per level (so its 49% at 6 stacks)? Because losing this attack speed when combining is really awkward.. ___________________________________________ some math, because everyone loves math The gold efficiency dropped from 68% at 0 stacks and 180% at full stacks to 64% at 0 stacks and 129% at full stacks My suggestion would make it 81% gold efficient and let the efficiency raise by 8% per stack instead of ~10% This doesnt seem like an insane buff to a 3600 gold item to me. Just taking away the awkwardness.

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