Taliyah is amazing, but her Q zones stagnate laning very quickly

I love this champion. She feels like a mixture of so many different champions and utilities. I love the concept of consciously using your Q's to place zones in strategic places so you can always try to maintain a 5 shot Q. However in lane, Taliyah quickly becomes pushed into tower simply because of your zones covering the whole lane after only using it a few times, and you don't have any more options to get a 5 spear Q. I think the 3 minutes that Q zones start at is too long. A shorter duration would make it so her laning doesn't stagnate so quickly and you can maintain some pressure. ext. I love the damage of a W and E combo. If you throw someone through 4 mines the damage feels SO good for executing it properly. The ult is so very fun as well. Loving this champion's finesse.
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