They give quite a new, fresh edge to the game but I have a suggestion to improve our gameplay experience, minion wise; Minion skins I know you're already giving us that but hear me out, basically, every champion can own a skin (or not) and during the game, one of the minions will have a chance of spawning with your skin at random, this wave it's a caster, next wave it's a cannon, and then maybe a Melee! If all five members own the same skin, then there's a 100% chance of all minions being of that nature, if there are five different skins, the 6th minion will be given a random skin too, of those available of course. Minion possibilities: - Project - Beach Minions - Ninja - Viking - Pirate - Void etc. These could be very cheap skins of course, veeery cheap preferably so it would be more accessible to everyone! I think it'd make the game a little more fun to look at, for those of us who enjoy looking of course! And I love all of the new project skins too, they are all incredible, now we can make a full project team! Even though there is no project magic caster, which to be honest is quite sad, but still, great work!
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