Don't tweak a single thing on Rakan. But Xayah I can understand if her damage is reduced a bit.

From experiencing Xayah and Rakan both for a couple of games on here. Rakan feels like a solid Utility Support. He's not extremely hard to play. He provides Utility for his Team. Doesn't do massive damage, but he's not useless either. Even together they seem fine. Except for Xayah's Damage.. Seem's to be taking chucks of health with her Q and can out trade any ADC with her Q+W very easily. It's not very hard to hit and I'm fine with that, but how much damage it does when it does hit could be reduced by a bit. But unless you're possibly a ADC who can poke from far away such as MF, Cait and Jinx. You're going to be coming out even a level 2 trade with a fraction of your health left. She's not untouchable (even though she feels like it) and she still suffers from being immobile like every other ADC is early game. One/Two successful ganks should put you on an even playing field. Even if its just a cheese gank and she blows one of her summoner spells. Now she's gotta be extra caution. With Rakan with her how ever, his shield does make trading effectively harder but still possible. Rakan's Heal is weird in my opinion. Yes, you can dash to your ADC and heal them instantly but if the enemy Rakan goes for a heal shoot em. They have ok cooldowns but its not so low that its constant healing. Plus he has to land his Q before he even thinks about healing his teammate. Once she gets her first few items which I've seen people go from a mix of {{item:3508}} and {{item:3031}} into {{item:3085}} there is very little that can stand up against her quick burst of damage. Which against Tanks, is fine. But I feel like being so strong so early is a bit much. I feel as though matched with someone other than Rakan. Possibly Karma, Bard, Lulu, who all have a good poke game will still have good synergy with Xayah. Anyone who can poke consistently will allow her to steam roll the laning phase. Laning against her feels like laning against a hybrid of Cait+Draven. The Cait Part because you're constantly watching your footing to were her feathers are because at level 3 if you just so happen to misplace your position for a second, that's a chunk of health gone. Draven because of the high damage at level 1 and 2 basically making each trade you make with her very high risk. Either you make sure you kill her OR her support. Or you just play passive for the laning phase because you lost the trade. I've played her, against her and watched her in laning as the Jungler and I don't know if its inexperience or dominance. Maybe its a bit of both. Honestly I love her as a character and her Cooldowns are fine. She's squishy. Ult does decent damage even to tanks but its not three hit killing anyone who has armor so its not obnoxious. Plus setting up for a solid ult isn't the easiest. I plan on playing her more myself once people stop autolocking her and giving a better opinion on items and damage when I can first an experience how much damage I'm doing to people and how hard it is to hit my combos. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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