Ideas to improve Warrior and Magus

Hi Everyone. Now that we are nearly 2 patches in with the Cinderhulk, I've come to the conclusion that the item not only is a nice jungle item but it's a great core item because of the fact it amplifies the amount of health you gain from other items like {{item:3083}} Warmogs and {{item:3143}} Randuin's. Unfortunately it has left other jungle items like the Magus and Warrior in a pretty lackluster state which in turn has made tanks more favorable to play in the jungle over the other picks like {{champion:107}}. Fearless has posted on an older thread how they are considering making it so the jungle items compliment your other core items instead of just being a boost in early game power. Here's the link for anyone who is curious. So here are two ideas for making Magus and Warrior better Give these items % Bonus AD/AP I think this would help compliment jungler's specific builds. Similar to the Cinderhulk, it would increase the amount of AD and AP you get from certain items like a {{item:3074}} Hydra or a {{item:3157}} Zhonya's. Giving the items that unique trait would make all the items in your build better like the Cinderhulk. I think adding 15-25% of bonus AD and AP for the Warrior and Magus respectively should be balanced enough without giving the champions a ridiculous boost in power. Add a unique passive on it like the Cinderhulk's immolate. A few ideas I had running in my head were to add unique passives to these items like the Cinderhulk. One idea would be to give Warrior damage over time which scales with a percentage of your AD which is similar yet different from the old elder lizard passive. For Magus, I would say adding either mana regen which increases when in combat with champions or monsters to help with AP junglers mana issues or maybe adding a type of {{item:3115}} Nashor's passive to AP champs basic attacks which should help certain champs clear better without having to rely on abilities as much. Of course giving amplifying bonus damage from items and unique effects on the Magus and Warrior would probably bring back problems from older patches/seasons and create similar problems that the Cinderhulk has created. Mainly making strong champs too strong ({{champion:113}} Sejuani). Also we should also take into account he Machete changes on the pbe making low sustain junglers have an easier time with their first clear. So if anyone has any better ideas, leave it in the comments below and if a Rioter sees this, please let us know your plans for Magus and Warrior in the future if you have any plans and if it is possible to discuss those plans. Thank's for reading.
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