Summoner's Rift VU Request to River

***I want to make a request to making the new Summoner's Rift, the river which you walk on needs to have some sort of animation or it just looks like you are walking on water.*** Even if there is barely any water, you still make a small wave. For example you could have someone like {{champion:30}} to hover over the water and still have a small water effect as if air is helping him fly or not at all. The champs that really need this are the champs where they walk. Even for {{champion:101}} you don't have to have it but if you plan on making this effect for every champ you could have it constant and just follow him instead of making it every step a circle wave. But I hope they add this Water Effect in Rive in the new Summoner's Rift. It would feel more realistic. ***Thanks guys for reading this and I hope this passes!***

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