New ward is bs, i expect eve buffs if it goes live.

It's just another nerf to eve even though she is already garbage atm after a barrage of nerfs, Its taking away the literal only thing she has left, which is her early game stealth pressure. Probably just my opinion since im an eve only player. but she is so bad right now im not even playing the game atm because she feels so useless unless you get 10 kills ahead of everyone on the enemy team in like 10mins and then end before they get a chance to catch up, She has no damage (with tri-force you have a little but its way to expensive in jungle), no tank, no cc, little mobility in a speed up and her ult has been gutted, the only thing she has is stealth and this stupid ward is going to crush that too. I like LoL but i really feel if this ward goes live and eve isn't buffed i can't play this game anymore, i tried playing other champs since season 5 started and i just don't feel it the same as i do when i play eve, Riot probably doesn't care about 1 player but it is my honest opinion right now, if eve doesn't get buffed at least a little and this ward is allowed in the game i have to quit LoL.
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