Swain's Q could use adjustment.

First couple games I played at the start of the mage update testing went great, the changes to Q were a great way to surprise enemies who 'tested the waters' so to speak. They underestimated how strictly Beatrice prioritized champions. And it also FEELS great. A couple days ago I would have declared "Swain's last hitting woes are a thing of the past" But even with the new Q, I found myself missing an immense amount of creep. Swain's bird feels like it needs an 'execute' mechanic for minions rather than double damage. And I've quickly realized the range is so small that even if I were to place it directly on top of an enemy, they can out manuver from it within 2-3 ticks. People are no longer falling for the newness of the skill, and I'm finding it performing surprisingly lackluster. That's just my 2 bits.
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