Azir's Soldiers' Not Auto Attacking Correctly

Hello, I've been playing with Azir a lot lately and it has been an enjoyable experience learning the sand mage. There are times where I have successful games and some games that goes completely weird. I can't tell exactly how and when it occurs, but whenever a soldier is created from Arise! (W) and auto attacks monsters, minions, or champions...It just completely misses or no damage is dealt at all. - Select Azir in the champion select (any skin) - Play the game as Azir and use Arise! (W) - Notice that the soldiers misses their auto attacks or deals almost no damage occasionally - Cry for dying and almost killing an enemy champion that you were guaranteed to kill I hope the problem will be solved or have a reason why this is happening because I really love playing Azir, so I want to keep on playing. By the way, I noticed that the Galactic Azir splash art is not showing up on the loading screen, so I was wondering what's up with that since the Guardian of the Sands Kha'zix is showing up correctly. It just shows a gray placeholder image instead. Thank You, Caleb
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