PBE Standards Need to be Higher

Okay, I'm going to warn everyone right off that this is going to be more rant than substance, but I've never been more furious as a LoL player, so here we go. So, when I got an invite to the PBE a few weeks ago, I was super-excited. A chance to have first crack at re-works, new skins, updates and the new pre-season changes? Yes, please! What's more, the information about the PBE seemed to imply that there were standards for entry that would make sure those who gained the privilege of the PBE would treat it as such. Well, I'm here to tell you that whatever standards or filters go into selecting players for the PBE, they need to be bloody higher. Over the past two days, I have not had a single game that did not have a rager, a troll, a feeder, a griefer, or some magical combination of two or more. I've seen someone rage-quit at level 4, because the jungler happened to last hit his first gank kill on the top lane. I've seen someone decide to feed away a strong lead (into a loss), because he had less kills than everyone else. My last game? The enemy snowballed us hard, we were pretty much done, and we knew it. Fine. Go down fighting and all that. Except, once they got on the Nexus, they didn't end it. They hung around the fountain, spamming /laugh, /taunt and /dance while killing us as we spawned, just because they could, until minions finally killed the Nexus. Now, I know the PBE is supposed to be a testing grounds, and the games are less about winning then giving everything a good trial run, but come on. There's lightening up, and then there's behaviour that makes Bronze V seem like a Zen temple. I love testing out the new stuff in the Beta. I wrote a pretty long article last week about how much I was enjoying the new Support changes. Right now though, I feel like never playing the PBE again if this is what I'm going to get. How can I, or anyone, get any decent feedback going if idiots like this are ruining things? Normally I don't let the trolls bother me, but I felt the need to speak up because it's been getting worse, and now it's *every* game I play. The PBE is supposed to be a privilege, not a spawning ground for awful behaviour. So, what's to do? Well, make it harder to get in, for one. Maybe a minimum number of games played/won, and if you've *ever* been convincted by the Tribunal, you're barred. Furthermore, if you're reported too often inside the PBE (say, 10 different times, for example), then your access is revoked. That would encourage people outside of the PBE to maintain good behaviour in the hopes of gaining access on the next rotation, as well as incentivising those currently on the PBE to keep to the straight-and-narrow. I know Riot can't cure humans of being assholes, but come on, people. To paraphrase the great Sky Williams: Is it so hard to be decent fucking human beings during the only 45 minutes we're ever going to have to spend together?
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