ARURF enabled soon on PBE for testing

Yo ^o^/ ARURF will be enabled soon on PBE for testing. **What's changed?** Since the last time we ran ARURF the following champs have undergone some sort of decent surgery or are new! * Camille * Warwick * Assassins patch * Talon * Katarina * LeBlanc * Rengar **Why did ARURF take so long to come back?** Getting ARURF working with the new League client was only one of a few reasons ARURF has taken a bit longer. If you remember, ARURF was originally a test for us trying to solve some of the problems of old URF, where it would stagnate in unique ways that other modes didn't (EG: Poro King). Old URF would get stale pretty quickly, meta would set in, and there was also some pretty unhealthy play patterns. We often talked about possible solutions to this including adding bans, daily rotation or restrictions on the champion pool or making the mode All Random (which we eventually went with). After the first run of ARURF, we've been checking to see if it was any better and are looking now to try it again. **Known issues:** * Reroll rates are still accelerated for both ARURF and ARAM while the mode is enabled. This unfortunately means you'll be generating wa~ay more rerolls in both ARAM and ARURF than you'd expect. How terrible.. :3 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) * We've switched off the ostentatious damage numbers from previous versions. Should be back to just normal damage display now. Thanks as always for helping test stuff on PBE and find/report bugs. The mode won't be on today anytime, but we'll most likely switch it on soon to get testing started. How soon? Soon(tm). :P Also, even if we don't get to replying to every post, we do actually read ALL of what you guys comment. No joke. Our team combs these threads for bugs (and fresh memes). Cheers everyone. :D -- L4T3NCY
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