Legend of the Poro King changes in the works!

Hi folks! So, Snowdown is almost upon us, and to help celebrate we decided to give the Poro King mode some love! Unleash the King's magical power by helping him taste-test his brand new flavors of Poro Snax! **TL;DR: {{summoner:30}} + {{item:2052}} = {{summoner:14}} | {{summoner:32}} | {{summoner:21}} | {{summoner:31}} ** This time around, the Snax have been enhanced with exciting new flavors - and the King is hungry! Use the magic of the Snax to power up your King, and try to dodge the enemy's Poro Tosses so they can't do the same to you. We hope these changes will be a fun change of pace for Poro King players, as well as helping to focus more attention on the lovable, regal puffball the mode is named for. http://i.imgur.com/6jHk8Ul.jpg ----------------------------------------------------------- **Gameplay Changes** * The trinket slot is now taken up by one of four new kinds of Poro Snax * These trinkets are re-usable items you feed to the King, each with its own effect * You can swap between Snax freely at the in-game shop (whenever you're allowed to shop) **Snax Flavors** (names kinda WIP!) * **Super Spicy Snax**- The King breathes a continuous blast of fire ahead of him, burning minions, champions, and towers alike * **Frosted Snax** *(brr)* - The King launches a barrage of icy projectiles at faraway enemies, forcing them to dodge and weave or suffer an icy demise * **Espresso Snax** - The King gets "jumpy". He leaps into the air and crashes down, knocking away nearby enemies and briefly granting himself a hefty shield * **Rainbow Snax Party Pack! -** You give the King a pack of Snax to share! He tosses them behind the enemy, where Poros pop up to catch them. In their excitement, they charge back towards the king, knocking enemies along with them. ----------------------------------------------------------- Poro King won't be coming around again for a little while, but we wanted to give you guys a heads up on the new changes ~~before Moobeat does~~ ;) {{champion:432}} -Rabid Llama
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