Hey! Glad to see you all working hard with our game. I thought I'd share my thoughts after my first "post-gutted" game with Ahri. More will follow, along with my thoughts. I'm exhausted, so my grammar will be terrible. * **Her Q's extra mana cost is a good change, but not perfect**. The fact she can how Q, hit the target, and be completely out of range of any of their abilities before they can blink is an incredible buff. However, it was too strong, and thus, the mana cost was increased. However, I believe the cost is juuuust slightly too high. Decreasing her mana costs from 100 at max rank to 90 at max rank would put it in the perfect spot, in my opinion. I had a great jungler who gave me plenty of blues, so most of the mana-hit was mitigated, but this change does mean you can no longer simply spam her Q and hope to hit something; now you have to be conscious of what you're doing before you act. This is a good change. Maybe a bit high, but necessary. > In short, I like this change. It balances her. Her Q received a huge buff, and this is the tradeoff for that buff. It seems a tad too high as it stands right now, but it certainly doesn't break her. * **Foxfire damage nerf is decent. Range is a little much.** Again, with the new timing system in place with Ahri's Foxfires, they are leaps and bounds ahead of where she was pre-5.2, even though her damage wasn't increased drastically on them. The targetting change increased the reliability of the orbs a ton, which was in and of itself a damage buff. That, on top of even a little more base damage, was a tad overbearing. So it got tuned back. That's fair. However, her range is a tad too short, even for the kiting part. Optimally, W would only be cast when going in for the kill, since she'll normally be too far away while throwing Qs. However, now she has to be too close for her target and can suffer for being in range to cast Foxfires. Ultimately, the reliability of Foxfires has been nerfed, with 1 or 2 always seeming to hang on at the end of an engage without firing. Increasing the range from 600 to 650 would be plenty to keep her insane kite-trade potential down while still keeping her all-in potential high. > In short, maybe a range nerf is healthy for Ahri. I do think the range is a little shorter than it should be, but I won't complain too much until I've done more testing. That's about all I can say until I do more testing. Disagree with me, but I do feel that she is almost in a good place. I'm no super avid Ahri player, but these changes feel needed and do balance her out. Again, this is from the perspective of a kiting mage, not a blow-your-face-off assassin style of play. Nerfs are perhaps necessary, but maybe just tuning the nerfs back a tiny bit will put her in a very balanced place as far as mid lane mages go. Have a day!

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