Banning New and Reworked Champions

I was wondering if Riot was going to come up with something to keep people from banning new or reworked champions. I wouldn't normally complain about something like this as you could just play Blind Pick, but since all we have is Ranked Draft queues, it's extremely annoying when you finally get jungle (or whatever lane) just for someone to ban Warwick (or whatever new champ/rework). It's clearly stated in PBE rules not to ban new or reworked champions because Riot needs as much gameplay feedback as possible to make helpful changes, but people just ban new/reworked champions because they don't want to deal with something they have no knowledge of. I just recently joined a game where I even had first pick and asked my team not to ban Warwick. But of course, first banner on my team replied to me saying, "Idc, im banning warwick anyway" And proceeded to ban him when I had first pick and there was no chance of the enemy team getting him before us. This has been happening very often since I joined PBE right before Camille came out, and it was the same deal with her. Maybe Riot should come up with something like a "Bans Disabled For This Champion" in draft queues for the first week of release of a new champion or rework. People don't have the option to ban the specific champion, just like they wouldn't be able to select them if they were disabled for a bugfix. I don't know if that's possible, but I feel like it would help not only us to play the champion we want, but also Riot get the feedback they need on new champions/reworks. Sorry if a post like this was made before, I just got fed up with this happening to me.
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