Guinsoo's and Vayne (and other champions)

With the recent updates to the mages and items, I wanted to address a particular concern I have about the interactions between something not so related to them, but about a change I find a bit ridiculous. {{item:3124}} . Now, since the marksman update earlier, and this item got changed to have the aoe effect, it was understandably a bit hard to balance. And I understand that there was a necessity to try and balance it out. I feel like the changes from Devourer to Bloodrazer were made in conjunction to guinsoo, and that's alright. But I do want to remind everyone one factor of phantom hits from sated that we seem to be forgetting. It was changed for ranged champions for a reason. I feel it was mostly due to abuse by {{champion:67}} . Her silver bolts proccing every other attack, at the time of the release of sated, was insane. If you saw a vayne with smite going bot, you tried to end the game before it was too late. She could easily wipe out your entire team if she ended up with sated. And now we seem to be approaching that problem again with the new guinsoo's rage. I honestly just want this concern addressed, maybe looked at. I really do not want to see the nightmare of phantom hit vayne again on live. But on to bloodrazer, I'm all for giving the former sated junglers a reason to gank, rather than just afk farm. GJ on that.
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