Definitely Not Dominion is definitely enabled on PBE for testing!

Hey guys! RGM crew here with moar game modes coming your way ^__^b Definitely Not Dominion is coming back to the rotation, and now ready for testing! New Content: * Kled * Yorick * There's still some WIP bugs for him. As you may know, he was not enabled for Ascension, but we are doing work to get him ready for DnD :) Only some of these fixes are in so far, so hold tight for some more! * Ryze * Ivern! * Ivern doesn't have a lot special for this map, unfortunately, but Daisy is a beast at defending Capture Points and wrecking opponents ^_^ Let us know how you feel about the mode, what experiences you've had, and any bugs/feedback you want to share! As always, if you report bugs, please report them via the [Report A Bug]( tool :) Happy hunting! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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