Kindred is way too low and bugued to be released as it is

As i played Kindred and really was looking for this champ to come live, i just can't imagine the possibility of her coming out as she is. Let's begin with her Q. - It doesn't prioritize champions ?! How many times did we discuss this about those spells like Ahri's, it not's efficient ! Dancing Arrows is her ONLY poke tool and if you're surrounded by at least 3 minions you're screwed the range is ridiculously low and it will NEVER go on champions. Even if it does, it just fires one single arrow per target dealing a really low dmg making this skill for a single escape use... Her W. - This skill for some reason does follow your basic attacks but it has a flaw. Sometimes it happens that if wolf chases a target outside the circle, he will go full derp and start teleporting back and forth 'till the skill ends, ruining your dps. Besides, it doesn't even scale with attack speed, WHY would i ever use this skill late game other than for reseting Q's cooldown to be mobile ? Again, it doesn't make any sense. Her E. - The only good damage tool, even if it does come with a requirement. Still, as i tried 1 time out of 4, the third hit won't send Wolf attack and it won't deal the bonus damage that should be applied by the effect (mostly when used with W while wolf is derping). And finally, her R - Probably the only skill working as intended, even if at this point i don't understand why it isn't a circle aoe that you can place anywhere instead of targeting allies since the effect also applies to ennemies. If they were scared of trolls then Bard's ult should work the same way... I don't like the fact that with the Q not prioritizing champions and her W kinda useless in lanes they make Kindred a marksman that scales in the jungle only because of her passive. If you go in lane, you'll get crushed against any normal poking adc because the Q has no range it will mostly go on creeps and put you in danger and Wolf's W won't ever follow champions out of the circle to make it efficient...

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