So i would like to tell what i feel abou the new champion in both the in-game model and her skill set. DESIGN : Overall I really like her new design which i believe others are too, due to the some memes about Poppy making fun of Tristana, it fits the character well, my only so called complaint would be on her head, i believe her head is a bit longer than necessary, at least comparing with the artworks, not really too much but a tweak would probably be apreciated if other people have the same opinions as me. All skins look decent to me although I wouldn't buy any of them due to the fact of how amazing her "basic" skin looks like. I really enjoy her new personality, before she was way more mature and serious, now she feels like a little child, which i believe it's the intention of yordles in general, so good work here as well. HER SKILLS : She does feel like the old poppy but with a better kit to help her teamates, she used to be the sort of "I-can-do-everything-by-myself" champion which didn't lead to a interactive and fun teamwork experience, she used to just rush their carries or whoever she pleased, kill them and run away. Now her kit feels way more decent for a team oriented game, other teamates shouldn't be worried about having a poppy on her team due to all of her CC and she feels way more helpful while maintaining most of her burst. She does feel to be more of a jungler than a top lane now though. Her passive helps her greatly on the jungle and at ganking with red, with the early slow, her W forces enemies to engage her instead of running away and her burst leaves the opportunity for your teamates to take the kill. Her P/Q/W/E are really good on her, my only problem right now it's her ultimate. My only problem with the new Poppy is her ultimate, it's useful, but in very niche situations like you E a carry then ult their team leaving you on a 1(+?) vs 1 situation, or disengaging, but I don't believe it fits her current kit, E is to engage, W and Q is to stop them from running while damaging them. I barely felt myself using it for what's supposed to due and only tried to use it as a finisher which lead me to save some of them or to retreat myself when i was on a bad spot. Maybe it would work better as a knockback or a knockup, or even something that pulls the enemy towards you like a blitz grab, the rest of her kit sold me but, i still have to like her new ult. The main point of this thread is also for me to understand what others think about her ultimate, do you think it's out of place or forced? do you like it the way it is? Also my apologies if my grammar isn't up to par.
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