Can we balance Mordekaiser's Q?

This one ability is going to get out of hand after a while. The only one who could stop it is probably Vayne and that doesn't sound fun. Can't the AP ratio be lowered to 10% instead of 30%? Because it automatically goes to 270% of his AP allowing a Mordekaiser with just possibly 200 or 500 AP to deal way over 540 or 1350 damage in the last strike. Does that not sound a little overpowered for a spell? At least Riven's Q doesn't deal over 1500 damage in one shot. In total, it can instantly kill any mage, marksman, or melee champion (especially hard to get away from when he gets a slow item). At 10%, it will deal at most 90% of his AP which is more than any other mage champion can do. No one wants to play **against** someone who can deal that much damage. If me and my team wanted to, we would just stick together the whole game and I could build over 1000 AP so that my last Q would deal over 2700 damage on impact. I could just kill a turret in 2 hits (my first being 30% and second being 60% so I deal a total of 90% of my AP so that's 900 **bonus** damage). The third can one shot any champion I chose. Even tanks tremble with fear. **Didn't you nerf Veigar's R to just deal 100% of his AP and 30% of the enemies AP?** Why is Mordekaiser even able to deal 270% of his AP on his last hit? It sure hurt in early but this is just going a little far in late. I would love for his E to get a buff since it seems useless at the moment.

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