All Random URF is now enabled for testing!

Hello Summoners! AR URF is back! Yay! There haven't been many changes since URF came, mostly bug fixing and updating new champions/reworks to be compatible with the mode! :) As a reminder, in URF you have: * Increased level cap! (How many of you can hit level 30?) * Increased CDR cap! (80% CDR) * No mana costs! (spamspamspam) * Many more awesome buffs of awesomeness And here's some of the champions that have come out since the last time we did URF! * Xayah * Rakan * Kayn And here's some of the reworks you can be excited to see! * Maokai * Zac * Sejuani * Urgot * Galio * Warwick There's probably some more I'm forgetting, but that should be the gist! As always, if you find bugs feel free to drop them here, or report them via the [Report A Bug Tool](! Drop any feedback you have here! :) Happy hunting! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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