1. Mana cost of Q at a 40 or 45 cost at every level instead of scaling, this makes it less mana intensive to use it later in the game and makes you run less often into mana problems. 2. Give Q 50 more range, atm it doesn't have any range and you can't do anything vs ranged champions except with your passive every 17 seconds, that doesn't really work that well. 3. There is almost no point to max charging R unless you're trying to dissengage. Her R is actually a really strong engage tool atm and should probably be given more damage the more it's charged so that it feels more rewarding to actually charge it up instead of insta casting it. 4. Give me a reason to put a 2nd point into W, seriously. Either increase the duration by levels or increase the armor/mr bonus. The damage per level is magic and doesn't do much, because you're not building magic penetration. It's also used for the utility of canceling dashes, not damage. 5. 175 auto attack range, -50 range on passive.
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