Aurelion Sol feedback aka MUH STARZ WANT BUFFS

So I played some Aurelion Sol. Cool champ, but he feels a little weak, and I think that this is directly tied to his passive, which Riot did say is meant to be his main damage source. Here is what I observed: 1. That execute passive is pointless. Honestly Riot, you should either buff it or remove it. The regular damage on the stars hits minions for least 25 health anyway. One cool idea might be to have the thing execute minions below a certain max health percentage, as it would scale well and help Aurelion Sol farm. 2. MUH STARZ ARE TOO SMALL! I had a hard time lining up Aurelion Sol just right to hit things with them, particularly when said things are running around trying to avoid them. Sometimes I would run into these sweet spots where I could just bash the heck out of enemy champs, and that was cool, but I had an awfully hard time hitting small things like minions with them. If they were just a LITTLE bit bigger, I feel like this would be much easier. Maybe a 10% size increase? 3. Stars are like a big flag over my head when recalling in a bush. I think that when Aurelion Sol recalls, his stars should be pulled in (just like when he gets hit by crowd control) so that they don't give his position away. It also doesn't make much sense for his stars to continue damaging things when he recalls. Finally, it would make a lot more sense if his stars went through that portal he makes when he recalls, instead of just sitting there. Makes me cringe a bit. 4. If I could see a little gray ring to indicate the position of the outer ring at all times, that would REALLY help me figure out when to press W to achieve EXPAND STARS and bash my enemies. Sort of like a targeting system. I know I get it when I use Q, but I would really just like to have it all the time. Thanks for reading my feedback, assuming you get to it.
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