Just a quick word about Mordekaiser

I just want to say that the Mordekaiser changes does not solve any issues with Mordekaiser, but rather it just will piss off the players that currently like playing Mordekaiser because you are alienating him and making him have no identity. I look at the changes and see "what does he do?" because right now Mordekaiser is a health mage, uses metal, and creates a game changing ghost with his ultimate. The changes to him on PBE make him... umm... What? Tank, ad bruiser, mage, jungler, solo, duo, lanerer, support, thing.... please tell me where Mordekaiser's identity is suppose to be here? Because right now on LIVE he is clearly a metal health melee mage and he has no confusing aspects to what the hell he is suppose to be... **** > EDIT Below to give some rough ideas for a new Mordekaiser: > > Passive: Keep same as LIVE > > Q: Turn into a placement skill shot, allows an immobile melee mage to get off damage; he will throw his mace powerfully at the target location and deals increased damage to isolated enemies (same mechanic his Q has, similar to karthus skittles as well) --- Cooldown roughly be 7/6/5/4/3 seconds (still hybrid AD and AP ratios and magic damage) > > W: Same thing as LIVE > > E: Base damage greatly reduce compared to LIVE (no AD ratio), cooldown will be 6/5.25/4.5/3.75/3 from 6 seconds > > R: Same as LIVE; the Dragon thing may be super cool and rewards Morde being objective focused, but I cannot see this being balanced or balance-able > > _these changes would make Morde more sustain damage and late game focused rather than a bursty lane bully_
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