Fiora Feedback Thread

Champion Update: Fiora
Compared to a few of our , we launched Fiora pretty darn recently. Still, she's one of them tricksy melee marksmen/fighter types who was supposed to be a fleet-footed fencing duelist, but who, once she had a few items, could just lunge up to the other team's squishies and smack 'em for a quick and easy - and unstoppable - kill.
Hey all! Let's get a Fiora [PBE] feedback thread started! Fiora, the Grand Duelist Update: Now featuring more duelist. BIG changes to her passive, W, and R, with smaller but still significant changes to Q and E. Also included: new particles, sound effects, animations, splash & icons! For full context of _why_ we took up this project and went the direction we did, as well as full descriptions and videos for her abilities, please check out our article [here]( I'd like to focus this thread on bugs and gameplay-feels, but please include all Fiora related feedback! Thanks all!
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