The Ghost nerf is not the way to go about it

The current Ghost change is a slap in the face to every melee champions in the game who uses ghost. The current version of ghost is indeed a little too strong, but not on melee champions. It's being abused by RANGED mages for the most part like Ryze, Syndra and Viktor who becomes impossible to catch due to the insane of amount of movement speed ghost gives, making them move faster than melee champions even do. The current nerf is making it almost unusable for almost every melee champions while not fixing the core problem ghost has. The problem with ghost is that it has the same value for both MELEE and RANGED champions. The best way to go about nerfing ghost would be keep it in the current live version, BUT, reduce the MS given to ranged champions by 35-50% so that it isn't as overpowered for the mages who are abusing it while keeping it a healthy viable option for melees who desperately needs it to even compete like Singed, Udyr, Skarner and such.
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