The (numerical) values of the Infernal, Mountain and ocean drake REALLY seem to high

Anyone remember at the beginning of season5, with the new dragon? it had +8% ad and ap on first stack, and that made it so that like 80% of wins included a first drake. I personally like the Idea of having some extra movement speed after Killing a dragon, but the other buffs are too high and make the cloud drake feel amumu {{item:3073}} And also, I think the stats increase should be larger as the number of slain dragons goes up: Fire - This unit has ~~8/16/24%~~ ==> 6/14/24% increased Ability Power and Attack Damage Water - Every ~~18/12/6~~ ==> 6 seconds this unit restores ~~10%~~ ==> 5/10/15% of their missing Health and Mana Earth - This unit deals ~~10%/20%/30%~~ ==> 8/19/30% additional damage as True Damage to Epic Monsters and Towers Air - >This unit has 15/35/60 additional Out of Combat Movement Speed note that you can still change the numbers a little, my point being that getting the first dragon should give a guarranteed win

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