Ga with Pickaxe, Deaths Dance with BF

Now that Deaths Dance has 80 Ad it would be cool if it would be build with bf. While also advertise ga to pickaxe. See it like this: With botrk and ga nerfs coming and if i have a {{item:1038}} i have 4 Possibilitys as adc (not counting {{item:3147}} cause it is more of a Special Item). I could go either Crit and have 2 similar, but still diffrent choices: {{item:3508}} {{item:3031}} (crit/cdr/mana item or Crit/high dmg item). Or i could go Lifesteal and have again 2 similar, but still diffrent choices: {{item:3812}} {{item:3072}} (heal/cdr/burst red item or strong lf/shield item). New DD is far more viabel and similar to maw, reducing burst. If it is too strong, you can nerf the passive parts but i think with current 80 ad it is fine. Also since Mercurials is no longer be build with bf you would have again 2 real lifesteal/non crit items out of bf. Bt and DD already give the same amount of ad, have a similar price (where you could even change it to make them equally cost if you want nerf/buff one) and fullfil nearly similar roles (good vs assasins/burst mages, the one pro active with the shield and 20% lf, the other passive with hsi 2 passives). To the other part of this articel: ga. While bf is a strong purchase it also cost much. and {{item:1038}} /{{item:1029}} feels like a terribel item path. Like even {{item:3285}} has {{item:3113}} instead of {{item:1052}} but ga doesn't have {{item:1031}} (and it would be to strong too with chain/to mcuh armor). So make the 2 items more similar in terms of cost, go {{item:1037}} instead of bf. Cause if you have just 1 itemslot and not 1300 it feels terrible to go cloth armor and stick with that for long. Or not to spend the money either and wait for bf. Also it never feels righ in terms of power going for the armor first instead of the HUGE raw amount of ad. With pickaxe it would be 1st: less of a pain going cloth if you rly don't have the 875 ad (or wait for that gold). And 2nd: deciding for the 15 armor instead of 25 ad would feel lees bad as deciding for 15 armor instead of 40 ad. If both changes would happen ofc 1 tradeoff would be that if you go pickaxe for early ga you would have 1st: less power (which i think would be fair). And 2nd: less strong early options. Still you have ie, but if you already bough ie or don't want it but also changed your midn you don't want ga anymore, your choices beside selling it again are: {{item:3814}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3004}} . I think this is still a fine choice, even for ad fighters. Like beside adc having to profit from that lifestealfighters/ga buyers can profit from that as well: A fiora that bought already hydra bc can go bf sword and actualy decide later if she wants bt or dd first as second lifestealitem (and maye decide after that she wants both). And assassins/divers/juggernauts/skirmishers no matter if irelia or maybe a jarvan/sion: can go pickaxe easier into ga as having this raw, strange situation of needing to buy a bf. Still tanks would not go ga so problems of old ga i think are still mostly solved with that. Hope you like the suggested item changes and give me feedback, hard to tell on Pbe boards if even anyone from riot reads this. Edit: with dd itembuild changes/arguable buffs while bt got changed to 80ad as well it would be i think fair, if the longsword would get replaced by a pickaxe too. Like dd it would make the itempath smoother, you have less combine cost and no gained ad anymore, but still ofc get the strong passives and other stats (ls increase for example). Than Bt/DD/IE/ER would make a quartett of bf sword similar itempaths (2 times pickaxe, 2 times caulfield hammer, 2 times cloak, 2 times vampire scepter pogchamp)
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