Initial Azir Impressions/ Feedback

Well, Azir is definitely different. He has a steep learning curve but once you get use to his playstyle, he's pretty fun. Here are my issues with him(This is from my games with him on Dominion. I have no experience with him on SR): * **He's balanced around 40% CDR**. Azir feels pretty weak until you get 40 CDR. The reveal described him as a zone control type mage and he definitely fits that archetype once you get 40% CDR. However, until then, you have a zone, but you have little to no control over the enemies inside it. The best way to beat Azir early-mid game is just to simply walk away. Enemy fighting me and they start to lose? No problem, they just walk away. Even if you land your Q and get off a knock-up on your E, he's a sustained damage dealer so the enemy is going to be gone before your Q ever comes back up again to re-position your soldiers. However, once you do obtain 40% CDR, Azir truly shines and you can stick to enemies just fine and pull off some pretty neat mind games with the amount of soldiers you are able to have available at one time. * **His AD/AP carry hybrid-style gameplay makes itemization limited.** You're going to be dealing most of your damage with autoattacks through your soldiers yet they can't proc on-hit effects. That's huge. Rylais is even out of the question because your soldiers can't apply it(I think). Even still, it's not like Azir himself has any ability that can reliably apply it other than his Ult. Reading his reveal, I was hoping Azir would be a good champion that Rageblade would be somewhat decent on, but I was wrong. It's just doesn't work well on him. Other than Zhonya's, Azir is basically locked out of the majority of the interesting items and is forced to essentially only build items that give raw stats. * **Bots act dumb around him.** Dumber than usual to be exact. When I have my soldiers out and I'm attacking from a distance(soldiers' autos), the bots can't seem to make up their mind on what to do. They usually just stand there and take it until their life reaches a certain threshold and their "instinct" to run away kicks in. * **Doesn't feel fluid.** This is my main problem with Azir. It really irks me that the devs insists on giving everything counterplay. I believe that no-counterplay in small amounts is okay. Azir's is a good example of too much counterplay(Well, Vel'Koz is a better example). His Q has a slight animation that stops you mid run animation to cast the ability. He's a emperor commanding his soldiers to charge, can't he just point while running? Even ignoring lore, it still doesn't feel natural that a minion controlling type of class has to stop to tell his minions to charge. Overall, it just felt awkward trying to chase/kite with the ability. I know that being able to cast your abilities while moving is a lot of power that people underestimate, but I think it would be fine for Azir at the very least on his Q. * There also seems to be a slight delay before you can issue a command once a soldier has been summoned. It's annoying to deal with and again, it makes chasing/kiting much harder than it needs to be. * His W suffers from an even harsher animation. Granted, I think it's somewhat warranted as he could probably become pretty scary late game with 40% CDR and no animation on W. Regardless, I think he should at least be able to instantly summon 2 soldiers to the field. Either that or set the internal cast delay to the same number as Zyra's seed's. * **No towers on Dominion.** I thought the devs said they take all games modes into consideration when designing a champion? There are no towers on Dominion so a part of his passive is going to waste. It's sad that Azir can't even use a portion of his kit, something that no other champion in the game can do, on Dominion. It's not a deal breaker as I'm sure he'll still be fine on Dominion without part of his passive, but it's still disappointing. * **Q is sort of confusing with it's uses. ** I don't know, maybe i'm just bad, but I had issues judging the range of the ability when the soldiers are directly in front of me. When they're far away from me, they're able to travel really far with Q. When they're already next to me at the start of Q, they don't seem to travel nearly as far. I'm assuming it has something to do with their distance in relation to the player. * Also, soldiers can go through walls with Q, but once on the other side, the soldiers' pathing for Q doesn't always move towards my cursor. This was an uncommon occurrence. * Overall, I found Q difficult to land on moving targets and found it was much easier to aim the Q in a radius in front of the direction my target was moving and just simply kill them with the soldier's auto attacks. I think the risk/reward is off on trying to actually hit your target directly with your Q. The slow is weak and the damage is nothing to brag about. It's better to take the guaranteed damage/setup by aiming the Q somewhere in relation to where your target is heading and using the auto attacks. I don't know if this was the intended goal of the ability, but I ended up using Q mainly for utility purposes once I got 40% CDR. * **QoL Changes** A range indicator for his soldiers would be nice. I assume this is already being worked on. * Having his E work like ZIgg's Q would be nice. With Zigg's, even if your target isn't in range, if you move your cursor far away and cast Q, Zigg's will throw his bomb the maximum distance of the ability in that direction. Similarly, I think it would be nice if Azir's E behaved in a similar fashion. If you point your mouse cursor in a direction and use E, Azir should attempt to move to the furthest soldier in that direction. That's about it. Fun champ. Small issues but I think he's fine overall. To reiterate, this is the perspective of a Dominion player. Edit: Formatting... Edit 2: There is a bug on Dominion with Azir's respawn. When he dies and respawns, the camera doesn't center on him but the lower ramp of the fountain.

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