Anyone else worried about the new assassin changes?

It's a known fact that burst champions are better for low skilled players. It requires low mechanics to execute and extremely high mechanics to avoid. It can turn the tides of any game in less than a second. It gives almost no time for the enemy to react. With all of these insane buffs to assassin burst and mobility, I'm seeing no defining line between the skill levels of different players. The game just feels like a team deathmatch hero arena. I understand these changes may be more fun to low skill players, but it definitely isn't fun for carries and fighters, who have almost no time to react to burst, and often still lose duels with the over-buffed assassins. It isn't fun for supports who can't keep their carries alive and die shortly after. It isn't fun for tanks who watch their carries melt and die shortly after. And it isn't fun for other assassins, who get bursted by another assassin with slightly more damage and mobility. The new assassin kits contain all of the complaints players had about Graves on live servers. They build bruiser and still 100-0 anyone. They out duel anyone. They out sustain anyone. They out maneuver anyone. They simply outclass all currently meta and available champions. Anyone else feel the same way?
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