Regarding One For All on Howling Abyss Feedback

Hey everyone! Thanks for all of the feedback you guys have given about featured game modes and One For All! The team and I have been going through the posts and have been busy sorting through all of the responses. There’s been a lot of feedback about having both teams play the same champion on Howling Abyss instead of what is currently on PBE, so I wanted to take some time to discuss this point specifically. On your advice, we've played through a couple of these 10-man mirror match games on Howling Abyss and we agree that it is a really fun way to engage with League of Legends, and we found it to be a fairly different experience from the current version of One For All. There’s definitely a lot of value here for sure! Unfortunately, if we were to try to change One For All now we’d end up having to delay it for multiple patches, and we don’t feel that’s a good trade. While the main queue will still be on SR for the upcoming patch, don’t forget that you'll still be able to create One for All custom games on Howling Abyss (or any of the other maps) while the mode is enabled. With that said, your feedback has definitely been heard! One nice thing about featured game modes is the cyclical nature of releases - we have the opportunity to re-release modes with significant changes to make the experience feel fresh every time. As such, we’re already making plans to support the tenfold Murderbridge variant of One for All as its own featured game mode in the coming year. Given that, I hope you guys will continue to experiment with and explore One For All on Summoner's Rift as its own experience. It's a different game mode than the ARAM-style bloodbath for sure, and there exist a lot of great subtleties that are unique to playing this on Summoner's Rift. One common thing we've heard repeatedly is that players have found the meta on SR to be very stable; it's safe to say that any meta that exists on SR will be challenged greatly by pretty much any team composition in One For All. For example, certain champions may be best suited to sending three mid, or others function best by running double junglers. It’s also a great opportunity to try out crazy builds only to find out that they’re actually pretty viable (don’t underestimate the power of AD Annie!). You should always respect your teammates, but I would challenge everyone to be open to work with their teams and embrace new and unusual strategies! Please continue to give feedback on these modes as they come out – it’s a valuable part of the iteration process, and we're always doing what we can to deliver awesome experiences to you! This kind of dialog is super helpful, and it's something we really value. =)
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