Detail on actual scaling missing on some Runes, for example Celerity and Waterwalking

Not sure If this shouldn't be more of client thing as it's about tooltip, but it's bound to new Runes so putting it here. Some of the Runes are mentoined to scale with lvl but don't contain scaling. While I understand with some the scaling is so small it's better off just noting the maximum values at lvl 18, however with some it really looks more like typo. This is when showing all details on the tooltip. For example: Celerity sounds like giving flat-out 4% MS and 8% of Bonus MS as AD/AP regardless of level, however it notes it scales with level. It looks more like you accidentally copy-pasted it with the adaptive keyword, rather than it actually scaling. Otherwise: Waterwalking grants up to 18 AD / 30 AP when in river, noting it scales with level. Here it is more probable it actually scales due to the "up to" phrasing, however when nearly everything else has more detail, at least in minimum and maximum value, it makes you question how it really scales.

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