Ryze Champion Update Feedback and Discussion

**QUQUROON NINJA EDIT: ** Hey all, a few changes that have gone in over the past few days: * Edits to the Icon, to split from Shen a bit * Young Ryze splash * Pirate Ryze Q SFX Changes with the next PBE Push: * New Screen Flash for allies inside Ryze's ultimate (more like when you take damage, less like a full screen tint) * Ryze R no longer works with Skarner, TK, and Urgot (A little too obnoxious for enemies. Non-Kidnapping Abilities (like Nunu/Galio/Sion/etc) are still hunky-dorey though) * Uncle Ryze is now more AMERICAN (Eagle Screech on Ultimate) Decently bad bug that we have fixed, but won't be in until the next build: * Ryze R can be interrupted by CC again ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone, Ryze has a pretty thorough Visual, Gameplay, and Lore update headed to the PBE, so I'm here to get the discussion started on him. Since I mostly prefer to let players tell me how a newly update champion plays, rather than trying to tell them myself, I'm going to be pretty brief here on what the spells do, how they work, and why they exist. * **Arcane Mastery (P)** * _Description_: Ryze's spells deal extra damage based on his Bonus Mana, and his maximum Mana is increased by his AP * _Details_: This passive is mostly just functional and is intended to be incredibly simple and low complexity. Some of Ryze's other spells have a lot going on in them, so we wanted to keep this on the simple side. * **Overload (Q)** * _Description_: Passively, Rune Prison and Spell Flux reset Overload and charge a Rune. On cast, consume any Rune stacks to fire a line nuke that does magic damage; if two Runes were charged, then also gain a shield and Movement Speed. * _Details_: The basic principle here is that you can chain cast with Q between every other spell for maximum DPS, or hold your Qs for the occasional defensive/reposition option. * **Rune Prison (W)** * _Description_: Targeted, no travel-time damage and root. * _Details_: Pretty much the same spell we all know and love (or hate). * **Spell Flux (E)** * _Description_: Deal light magic damage to a target and debuff them with Flux, causing Ryze's spells against the target to consume Flux for additional effect: * Overload deals extra damage and bounces to nearby enemies with Flux. * Rune Prison lasts twice as long. * Spell Flux bounces to nearby enemies * Spell Flux also bounces to nearby enemies whenever an enemy with Flux is killed by one of Ryze's spells. * _Details_: This spell is on a really short cooldown, and using it effectively, especially when combined with Q and its effects, is likely one of the biggest challenges to master in combat as Ryze. * **Realm Warp (R)** * _Description_: Ryze opens a portal to a target location. After 2 seconds, all allies near the portal are teleported to that location. * _Details_: This spell ranks up in range significantly with rank, and it has only 2 ranks. It's definitely a little different that it only has 2 ranks, but we wanted it to be more gated in the early game and less so in the mid and late game, and we didn't want allies to have to remember several different ranges of the spell in order to participate in using the spell effectively, so the 3rd rank was just cut out, and its range was put onto rank 2. As far as playing Ryze goes, we expect that he won't be incredibly easy to pick up, but that he'll have some things you can gravitate toward on your first few games to propel you into higher mastery on the champion. Though you'll be able to practice all of this at once as you go, I expect learning the champion to look roughly like this: * First time Ryze: masters weaving Qs between other spells * Beginner Ryze: masters using E combos effectively * Intermediate Ryze: masters using Q passive to effectively choose between maximum DPS and shielding/movespeed * Expert Ryze: Can differentiate when to use R to engage, escape, and pursue opponents. Feel free to drop your thoughts below with your PBE experiences, or simply what you think of the new Ryze. Cheers, Repertoir
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