6/30 pbe patch Diana Changes

Edit: changed the movement speed for w based on Diana Bot/Dianamains Edit(2): took off the -mana on q, and added Diana Bot's idea for passive/e Edit(3): added clarification to the e stun interaction (senework) Edit(4): I think I've finally got the recommended portion to where I want it. P: 20% flat >>> 20% for next 3 after ability use restores 10(15%) mana if moonsilver blade damages a champion Q: reduced cdr W: mana costs down E: increases attack speed from moonsilver blade - I think we're starting to hit a bit of a middle ground. Passive changes: Attack Speed: I'm still not thrilled about being forced to use an ability to get the attack speed, but with the reduced mana costs on w it's bearable. Mana: Good solid passive, should give her the ability to engage without losing all of her mana. Q: still a good change xD W: very very very welcomed! Wouldn't mind a few of her other abilities being dropped. E: I still don't think she has the durability to abuse this properly; She'll be able to destroy turrets very quickly though. - Good middle ground, but I would honestly just leave the flat attack speed the way it is until her kit can be completely reworked. -------------------------------------------------------------- - These are still some changes I would like to see overall Damage: Lowered slightly in line with the utility added in. Passive: Leave the flat attack speed alone and save the triple auto for when she gets reworked. The mana passive is nice, maybe a little too much though. Q: Cooldown reduction is good, no further changes needed. W: Mana cost down is very nice, I think if damage should be taken out of her kit this would be the ability to tone back. E: Give her a boost of movement speed. Consumes moonlight to stun target for 2 seconds. R: visual update to make it feel more epic; something like shattering the ground when she uses it. - The 3-attack rotation could be cool in the future when her entire kit is changed to support it. All we need is to have her damage toned back a tad, and a bit of utility added in. I think the above changes are fine, but if more attack speed is really necessary the below change would be a good way to do it, although I might drop a bit of damage out of her cleave. - Diana Bot: Passive: Grants Diana 20% attack. (along with cleave) E: Passive: Increases Diana's passive attack speed by x% (10% or so). ------------------------------------------------------------- When she does eventually get reworked, all of us would love to see more interactions with moonlight!
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