Hello everyone on pbe today I'm gonna be talking about the new urgot rework. Before his rework I would play Urgot on live because people did not know how to go against him and he was strong if you knew how to play him. I played new urgot today and feel he's a little lackluster and his uniqueness has changed a lot; old urgot players might agree with me and might say new urgot is a whole new champion and not a updated newer and improved version of himself. I understand when riot reworks a champion they try and rework them around his lore which is cool and all, but lore and gameplay are two diffrent things. Below I will list some things about new and urgot their pros and cons Old Urgot- . Passive - A good passive, not that outstanding people who were fighting you were just weaker by 15% . q good poke tool combined with e also refunded mana upon killing minions with it, good damage aswell .w the w was a little lackluster but it did make your auto attacks and q slow people while your w was up which was good and had the shield .e e marked targets so you could lock on q them which was good, but by itself it was alright .r good for catching people out, other then that it was meh playstyle - a tanky/adc who could poke from safe distance with e q and had a slow on w to escape from people along with more movespeed to get out of sticky situations New Urgot- Passive- The passive is interesting, but I don't think it's that good, in lane it's fine because you can farm with it, but in teamfights you don't have the time to use it to walk around a target and land them consistently q- it's like a mini gargas q that you can't activate kinda lackluster just throw it out and deal damage and lock onto people w- I think the new w kills urgot it makes him even slower making it easier to land cc on him giving him a shield and attacking the closest thing to him which is good when combined with your q but its kinda bad, in teamfights like I said you don't really have time to walk around and hit people with your passive on top of that you are even slower while you have you w on, and imo its better just to auto attack, the only time I see his w being any good is in 1v1 against imobile champions. also its really clunky e- his e is really clunky and you have to charge forward to flip which is not all that good r- clunky but good when you manage to exe someone with it for the great fear I understand this is pbe and all but from this rework I most likely won't be playing new urgot, I know i sound like I whining but riot should have updated this abilities and not make him a whole new champion tldr; new urgot does not feel like old urgot at all, and I don't think that's good for the game but whatever, I dont make the game
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