Dead Man's Plate heading to Summoner's Rift on the PBE

Hi folks, You've already seen some of our other juggernaut items here ([link]( \), but we've got one more that rounds out juggernaut itemization by allowing them to make more decisions and specifically unlocks those decisions through mobility. Actually, you've already seen this item, too: in the Black Market Brawlers game mode. Dead Man's Plate heads back to the PBE with the next update as the last of our juggernaut-focused items for now. When we first set out making items for Bilgewater: Burning Tides, we knew we wanted to leave a permanent mark on League of Legends (and not just Gangplank's update and new visuals). We also knew juggernauts would benefit from itemization in order to support their refined gameplay patterns. Enter Dreadnought Warplate. Serving as as a way to give champions who have historically lacked much control over their own destiny a way to take some of that control back, the Warplate worked as the final piece in the juggernaut itemization puzzle. By adding the Gangplank-themed visuals and flavor to an item we designed for juggernauts to take advantage of, we were able to slay two sea serpents with one harpoon. So that's the tale of how Dead Man's Plate found it's way back to the PBE in preparation for its live debut in a future patch. Try it out and let us know how the ol' juggers are faring with their new toys! \- Riot Axes

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