About the Grasp of the Undiying change....

I understand that This is PBE and is for testing,etc.... But if this change goes to live, consider to recalibrate totally the keystone, Is a bit hard to sustain a trade for 4 seconds and then use an AA to activate the keystone.... if this change is needed, then consider to: -Reduce the refresh to 2/3 seconds: you will activate it 1 or 2 times more on an squirmish. -Allow Champion vs Champion interaction to refresh the time of the keystone, but then you have 4 seconds to refresh it again, or activate it again: This means that lets say {{champion:24}} vs a {{champion:266}} , due to jax doesnt have range and aatrox have his E, Jax will hit aatrox and activate Grasp, and lets say he hits one more time Aatrox with an AA, so he will have 4 seconds to hit aatrox again to drain him and it will activate the keystone too, which sounds OP, then pass the 4 second grasp is deactivated until Champ interaction happens, then Aatrox can refresh the 4 seconds only using his E, but then this means that you can zone the enemy easily with the keystone almost always active on lane.... It is a big problem, if this interaction goes to live, then at least increase the decay time to 2.5 seconds from 1 second, or reducing the time to activate it to 3 seconds, or maybe if it works as Luden does, activating it walking and hitting or something, cause it was a fun mechanic, even it wasnt totally OP, buffing the other 2 keystones would be a good solution too.
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