Rek Sai has been nerfed even further

All this update has done is make her bases and early game weaker, and force her have to give up tank items in order to get stack more AD just so she can get back to her old Q damage. Her E is slightly stronger early game but is noticeably weaker in mid > late game. She has lost most of her regen from fury, and no longer gets any attack speed from her ultimate which is buggy and unreliable. I honestly didn't think Riot could nerf her any further, but that's exactly what it seems like they did. Her early game was already too weak, and now you've made her even more gank and farm reliant while making it harder for her to both farm and gank before level 6. I know that Riot is determined to make sure rek sai never becomes a meta jungler again, but keeping her in the eternal dumpster like this just isn't right.
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