Dont touch our Karma!!!

Karma is rly good and balanced right now and they are trying to nerf her i mean they remove the damage from Mantra E and bonus dmg from Mantra W wtf? IF this changes go live karma will be destroy i can bet that her win rate will drop about 15% becouse this nerfs will destroy her. Her new Mantra W effect makes no sense.. It woud be good if the regular W give her amplification but not Mantra W becouse what damage woud she boost? Basic attack? Oh great Lets play adc Karma that will do it.. She is fine as she is the chages woud no be that bad if her non Mantra W woud let her to deal bonus Dmg Then that woud make sense becouse she coud use her Mantra Q to deal a lot of bonus dmg oh and yes her heal removed? I mean thats the worst thing ever.. Now she can be easily killed. And the bonus dmg is small 10%? 20 % is decent . this guy that is trying to nerf Karma probably got Rekt so hard by some karma player that he decided to target one of the most balanced champions. Hope this changes dont go live becouse this woud destroy her Pls tell me your Opinions.. Ty

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